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You're in control of your NBCUniversal Profile. Choose your privacy and notification preferences.

Your Tailored Experience

Any information provided or linked to your NBCUniversal Profile may be used or shared amongst NBCUniversal Brands for audience measurement, content recommendations, performance analytics, or personalized advertising.

Personal information preferences

We don't sell any of your identifiable data stored in an NBCUniversal Profile. Any sensitive information collected, used, or stored within an NBCUniversal Profile solely supports audience measurement, content recommendations, marketing and transactional communication, performance analytics, or personalized advertising.

Communications preferences

Choose what marketing emails you'd like in your inbox and tell us how to contact you.

Manage the information you share

Circumstances change and with an NBCUniversal Profile, you can add, update, or even delete personal information you share with us.

Simple things you can do to secure your profile.

Protect your NBCUniversal Profile and your shared information by utilizing these three security best practices.

Manage your device access

Manage which device(s) have access to your profile.

Improve password safety

Use strong passwords, store them privately, and employ best practices to keep your accounts secure.

Add a passkey

Remembering passwords can be tricky, and there's always a risk of them being compromised. Luckily, your device is as unique as you are. Enhance your security by using your device itself as a passkey.